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Wasps Removal Edinburgh

The team at Wee Critters are here to help clear your home or garden of wasp nests

Wasps can be a nuisance and are noticed in abundance during July-September.

The nest (byke) should never be treated by the public as there is a strong probability of an attack by protective workers (infertile females).  A wasp sting is painful.

At Wee Critters, we are your Edinburgh based wasp control professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to find wasp nests and safely remove them safely so you, your family or work colleagues don’t have to worry about being stung.

Most people are not allergic to the venom,  but certain individuals can take an allergic  reaction and in some instances a sting can induce an anaphylactic shock.

Wasps nests are only used by wasps for one season. If you have an old nest in your attic or shed it will most probably be inactive, however, we can check it out and remove it for you.

We always eradicate the nest within one visit however in the unlikely event that we don’t then we will re-treat free of charge. We will always remove the nest where possible.

Wasps can be aggressive and often use their sting as a way to protect their colonies. That’s why it’s key to use a professional wasp pest control company to help deal with them. At Wee Critters we use the latest treatment technology to rid your home or business property of any wasp infestation.

Please note that we do not attend to pest control issues relating to bees – we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

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We have been using Wee Critters since Graeme and Sylvia started in business and have always been delighted with the service, Graeme is highly conscientious, very pleasant and his knowledge goes before him. We highly recommend and support this local family run firm.
Kerri Telfer, T&S Selfstore and Distribution
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