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Squirrel Removal Edinburgh

The pest control team at Wee Critters can remove squirrels from your attic or house

Grey squirrels are known as vermin, they were deliberately introduced from the U.S.A. during the late 19th century and have vastly grown in number.

They are larger than the protected red squirrel and are active throughout the year.

Grey squirrels breed twice yearly from Feb-March and June-July often producing 3-4 young.

They can enter an attic space and cause serious damage by gnawing through electrical wires and occasionally causing expensive damage to water tanks.

Squirrels make noticeably loud scratching noises in the attic especially during the early hours of the morning.

We offer various methods of squirrel eradication from poison and traps to repellant. We will also determine the point of entry.

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We have been using Wee Critters since Graeme and Sylvia started in business and have always been delighted with the service, Graeme is highly conscientious, very pleasant and his knowledge goes before him. We highly recommend and support this local family run firm.
Kerri Telfer, T&S Selfstore and Distribution
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