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Moth Pest Control

The team at Wee Critters are here to help eliminate the moth problem from your home or business.

Once moths infest your house or business place, they can severely damage the natural fibers and fabrics in a wide variety of materials including rugs and carpets, yours clothes including furs and even leather.

Moth will cause damage by ingesting the protein found in the natural materials like wool, cotton and silk. This potentially puts all your clothes and carpets at risk of damage.

As professionals and experts in the control and extermination of moths, our National Pest Control Association (NPTA) certified team are able to offer you a bespoke solutions and advice to help avoid this situation again in the future.

We have a variety of solutions to quickly resolve moth infestations in your home or business.

Our treatments for moth pest control include using fumigation and insecticide methods which are free of harmful chemical making them suitable for protecting even the more delicate items in your home.

Even though there are over 2,400 species of moth in the UK, the majority of moths are harmless and unlike other pests, moths pose you no health risks to you, your family or business colleagues.

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We have been using Wee Critters since Graeme and Sylvia started in business and have always been delighted with the service, Graeme is highly conscientious, very pleasant and his knowledge goes before him. We highly recommend and support this local family run firm.
Kerri Telfer, T&S Selfstore and Distribution
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