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Beetles Pest Control Edinburgh

The team at Wee Critters Pest Control are here to help clear any Beetle infestation from your home

The most common beetle pests within Scottish properties are Hide beetle and Carpet beetle, both are from the species dermestas.

Hide beetle are most often found in the kitchen where they rely on spilt food particles. They breed in dark areas such as under appliances and in cupboards.

The adult is approx. 5-12mm in length and oval shaped.

The larvae can be up to 14mm in length and slightly resemble a small centipede. A hide beetle infestation is more noticeable if you switch the lights off for an hour or so then return to the room.

Carpet beetle are smaller than hide beetle at approx. 2-4mm in length they have  noticeable yellow or white mottled marks on a brown body.

The larvae are approx. 2-4mm.

Hide Beetle and Carpet Beetle Treatment

Our exterminators use an approved insecticide treatment which must be applied in both cases, 2 treatments will always be required.

It is important that kitchen areas are kept free of food debris and pet meat is not left out overnight.

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